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Mazio unveils XL Series of hydraulic rock breakers

Sep 01, 2023

Mazio Attachments' new XL Series of Hydraulic Rock Breakers are compatible with a range of equipment, from compact to mining excavators.

Along with excavators, the breakers can be operated on skid steers, compact track loaders and backhoes. Carrier sizes range from 1 to 140 tons of operating weight.

They are made of Hardox steel for wear and impact protection. Standard features include anti-blank-fire technology to minimize wear, an energy recovery system to reduce the required oil flow, and a double-damping system for less vibration.

The breakers’ speed can be adjusted manually with an Allen tool. Lower speeds are used for increased power and vice versa for higher speeds.

Mazio 350XL hydraulic rock breakerMazio AttachmentsAs an option, customers can choose Mazio’s Digital Hour Meter. It is activated by vibration and automatically and autonomously records the breaker’s operating hours. It distinguishes between carrier hours and tool hours as it tracks the attachment’s impulse. The data can be used by contractors to keep up with maintenance and for billing clients. The meter runs on a 12-year sealed battery and is protected by a fiberglass-reinforced heavy-duty rubber case.

Tools available for the breakers:

Mazio offers six XL breaker models for 30- to 140-ton excavators, with tools ranging from 3.4 tons and 9.8 feet in length to 11 tons and 16.4 feet.

Five breaker models for 11- to 36-ton excavators range from 1 ton and 6.7 feet to 2.6 tons and 8.7 feet.

Six breaker models are available for compact carriers, ranging from 287 pounds and 3.2 feet to 1,279 pounds and 5.9 feet.

The breakers also come with a five-year warranty. Mazio is based in Italy, with U.S. operations in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Mazio's 4000XL breakerMazio Attachments