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MADE Show: No Welds, No Worries, Heavy Bikes' Cast Aluminum Gravel Bike

Aug 19, 2023

I saw so much at the MADE show these past few days. And it was… honestly, it was a bit overwhelming (in a good, bike nerd kinda way). For this story, I will get right to the gist of it. I ran into Charlie Murray, the man behind Heavy Bikes, early on in the show. When I saw the bike that was on display, I was pretty skeptical.

But, after talking with Charlie, it was clear that he was on to something. And his enthusiasm and genuine stoke about it was contagious. So, let’s talk about the bike.

Heavy Bikes utilizes Foundry Casting System’s ‘Pascal Process’ for the pressurized solidification of sand casted parts. They start the process with a custom bike fit. That fit drives a 3D-printed sand mold design. The mold is then filled with molten A356 aluminum.

Heavy Bikes says that “the pressurized solidification ensures a properly filled part with enhanced mechanical properties“. Then, they bust open the frame mold with a sledgehammer before going off to heat treating.

Heavy then machines the interface and “art surfaces” after heat treating the frame. Charlie told me that the dimples that are on the show bike are just there to show the kind of details that can be accomplished with the casting technique.

Heavy Bikes says that they “built the Hypocrite to explore the limits of thin wall casting while adding compliance to a single-piece bike frame“.

On their website, they describe the Hypocrite’s ride as “one of a new sense of momentum not found on hollow tubular bikes“. This, paired with the bike’s nimble wheelbase, provides a connected feel unique to Heavy Bikes.

According to Charlie, they can “get the Hypocrite frame at the show, inside of 6lbs based on a rider’s measurements of 6′ with a 32″ inseam”.