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Claim to Fame season 2 finale: Who was crowned the winner?

Jun 30, 2023

CLAIM TO FAME - ABCÕs ÒClaim To FameÓ stars Gabriel. (ABC/Gizelle Hernandez)

Claim to Fame season 2 came to an end with back to back episodes culminating in one winner! The first episode of the night brought the four finalists together as they worked to make it to the final three. Then in the Claim to Fame season 2 finale, the final contestants were joined by previous contenders to determine who would be crowned the winner of the entire season.

Who made it to the end and won $100,000? Let’s go over what happened in episodes 9 and 10.

In episode 9, the four finalists did a challenge in which they had to use a game board to put together clues about each of the celebrity relatives. They also discovered that not only was there no immunity, but that there was no longer a bottom two, so everyone was up for grabs when it came to who would be eliminated.

Karsyn was up first to play the game and she was so confident about Gabriel being a sports celebrity relative that she barely focused on his clues. But when she got every single one of his options incorrect, she was stunned and had to recalculate all she knew about him.

Chris didn’t do so well playing the game, as he took his time rather than be quick on his feet, but the game also confirmed for him that Gabriel was in the sports world. Gabriel did really well, earning the same amount of points as Karsyn and Monay was thrilled that she managed to figure out more information about Chris.

Gabriel and Karsyn were tied, but since Gabriel was a few seconds faster in the challenge, he won the challenge. He would end up being the tie-breaker for the guess off. While it is clear that Monay will likely make another go for Chris if she made it to the guess off, what about the others? They might now see Gabriel as their biggest competitor and go after him.

After the finalists worked to figure out just who would go into the guess off, Monay tried to get Karsyn and Chris off of Gabriel’s trail. She wanted him to be her sure shot at the end. Of course, at this point, Karsyn began to slowly figure out who Gabriel was, but kept it to herself.

Despite an agreement to put Karsyn as the guesser, things took a twist and Gabriel chose himself when there was a tie. So Gabriel chose himself as a guesser and chose Karsyn. He correctly guessed she was related to Dale Earnhardt, Jr., who is indeed her Uncle.

This led Gabriel, Chris, and Monay to the season 2 finale.

In the season 2 finale episode, past contestants from the season came back to help the final three figure out who the remaining clues led to.

It was so fun to see the remaining contestants! Some definitely held grudges against those who got them eliminated while others had begun to figure out at least one person’s identity. Jane put the clues together that people gave her and Gabriel was practically begging to for her to give him some information.

For the final challenge, the three finalists were tasked with finding clues inside multiple haystacks related to former contestants, as well as themselves. They needed to put the clues in the correct order based on when that person was eliminated. Plus, they would also have to put their own clue on the board at the end.

It wasn’t just a game for the final three, however. They were joined by their previous fellow contestants. With their fellow teammates, they were tasked with finding the clues and putting them on the board to determine who would win.

Jane was able to help Chris figure out who Monay was, but Gabriel was the quickest to find all of the clues and he won the challenge. This meant he was automatically in the top two and he had the power to choose who would guess in the first guess off and whether or not he would be the guesser or not in the final guess off.

Going into the guess off, everyone was on edge as to who Gabriel would choose. He decided to go with Monay as being the guesser and she, in turn, would be guessing Chris’s identity. Having already figured out the final clue thanks to the lunch box she found during the challenge, she correctly identified him as being related to Donny Osmond.

Chris had an emotional reaction to talking about his dad and living up to the type of legend his father is. But Chris truly came into his own during the game and showed off his own talent in playing. After a touching reaction to his reveal by his fellow cast mates, it was time for Gabriel to decide whether he would guess who Monay was or if she would be the one to guess his own relative.

He chose himself as the guesser and when he chose Monay, we learned just how well he played the game. He had slowly begun to figure out who she was related to and he was correct. He guessed she was related to comedian and actor J.B. Smoove and he was named the winner of Claim to Fame!

Monay, aka Jerrica Brooks, is the daughter of J.B. Smoove and it was so amazing to watch her play the game til the end! Then we got to find out that Gabriel was, in fact, the younger brother of Nick Cannon!

This was an amazing season of Claim to Fame and we’re already excited to meet more celebrity relatives! You can catch up on the entire series on Hulu.