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Chrome OS Flex is a strong Windows alternative for really old PCs

Jul 28, 2023

Windows 11 can be installed quite quickly on practically any computer. Microsoft’s strict hardware requirements can be easily circumvented with the help of the USB stick tool Rufus. And on most computers running Windows 10 originally, Windows 11 can can be expected to run smoothly and without problems. This is especially true for systems that are seven years old or less, with seventh-generation-or-higher Intel Core CPUs. But on even older PCs, working with Windows 11 is actually tough, and Google’s Chrome OS Flex operating system is a better alternative.

This is a modern Chrome OS variant that’s suitable for low-performance PCs and notebooks. Even, ahem, antiquarian hardware is sufficient for office tasks, surfing, and the like. Unlike Microsoft with Windows 7 and 8.1, Google also provides its operating system with regular updates every month. Newly discovered security gaps are therefore regularly closed. If you want to try Chrome OS Flex, our guide to turning an old laptop into a Chromebook will walk you through installation, operation, and installation of new programs.

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